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We work in partnership with our clients to design and deliver learning and development programmes which range from short sharp keynotes on hot topics to longer, modular based programmes with review and evaluation at key points along the way.


We also design bespoke interventions to address organisational strategy development and personal business contribution. Much of the learning is supported by executive coaching to optimise performance and ensure the learning is fully embedded back in the business afterwards.

Examples of the services we provide:

Coaching for Performance

How does your business deal with performance issues? Do you have a robust coaching system in place for continuous performance review? How skilled are you at constructive coaching conversations?

We analyse the essential elements of performance and the coaching skills required to develop and improve it. Through a series of interactive exercises, you will have the opportunity to practice the skills of performance coaching and develop robust strategies for performance development in your business.

Personal Performance Reboot

Are you under pressure? Doing more with less? Spinning plates at a rate of knots?! 

We explore and actively apply strategies for stress management to build your physical performance and develop resilience.  A personal lifestyle audit is also completed to ensure a balance between mental workload and rest & recovery. There will also be an opportunity for a 1-1 coaching session with one of our team so that you leave with a plan for action.

Managing Conflict Constructively

Conflict and differences are inevitable at work, but how do we make the most of situations where there are different opinions, ideas or views to get the outcome we want?

In this programme, we introduce and apply different styles of constructive conflict management alongside the fundamentals of emotional intelligence which together provide a strong foundation for action.

Building Personal Brand

First impressions count. What kind of first impression do you create when you meet new colleagues?

We’ll talk about how to optimise your professional persona and build an authentic personal brand. We’ll complete a colour analysis (which colours suit you best?), examine your executive presence and cover top tips for high impact comms and assertiveness.

Courageous Conversations

We’ve all been there...handling challenging conversations is an essential capability for busy executives. But how can we do this well when getting the outcome we want really matters?


In this session, we work through some current live issues and explore alternatives strategies for getting desired results.

Returning to Work ‘Reboot’

Returning to work after a career break? This can be a challenging and exciting time.


We’ll work with you to develop a personal agenda to support your ‘re-entry’ We’ll complete a career MOT and a role analysis, including top tips for building your personal brand to sustain your performance back at work.

Time to make a change? Get in touch.

Let's start the conversation and see whether Performance Impact can help you with a solution to your development requirements.

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