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Introducing Performance Impact

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I am delighted to be launching the new Performance Impact Ltd website. As those of you who have worked with me before will know, I have been working in university business schools and in partnership with my clients for many years now, and Performance Impact is something that I am passionate about. Performance Impact has been under development for the last 12 months and represents the accumulation of experience and learning gleaned from my great colleagues and fabulous clients.

My early career in physical education and human movement studies has led me to become increasingly interested in optimising business performance through the development of personal wellbeing. This unique blend of performance psychology is at the heart of what we do: in partnership with an excellent team of development associates, we will offer an exciting and innovative range of learning, development and coaching programmes that will support our clients to achieve their personal and professional goals and at the same time, crucially, to look after their most important asset – themselves.

I am currently completing a Certificate in Evidence Based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and looking forward to sharing the benefits of this interesting approach with my clients - more to follow!

Please take a look around the website, there is some more information about Performance Impact and the excellent team who I’ll be working with. I would welcome the opportunity to catch-up and talk more about the business, the solutions we will be offering and the challenges you are currently facing, so if you have time for a chat – let me know!

Best wishes


Ps. I will be adding more content to the blog in due course so keep an eye out on LinkedIn for notifications!


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